Dan & Katy @ King's Hall, Ilkley

01 April 15

Posted at 5:01

Oh this is a good one! Meet Dan & Katy, a lovely couple hailing from the fine city of Leeds. These guys got married back in December at King's Hall in Ilkley, the place is amazing! They kitted out the venue with all sorts of different things including a huge illuminated love sign on the stage, 70m of bunting, LED's covering the walls & a piece of mistletoe to top it off. We also got to take them out around the Christmas lights which made for some really nice photos! Here's a few to have a look at... 


Victoria & Matt - New Walk Museum & The Belmont Hotel, Leicester

24 March 15

Posted at 9:33

We love weddings, but it can often be difficult to sum up such an amazing day into a few short sentences (also probably why we love photograph so much!). Victoria & Matt got married back in January in Leicester. When I was at university there, Anii & I would often walk past a place called New Walk Musuem, a beautiful plain white building filled with all sorts of artifacts & dinosaur skeletons. We'd always said that it would make a fantastic wedding venue & when Victoria & Matt came to us we were so excited! After their ceremony the remainder of the day was spent at The Belmont Hotel a short 500m walk down the road. Oh and to top the evening off, Sylvester McCoy was staying at the hotel and made a guest appearance in a photograph with me!



Zoe & Lee - The Leeds Club

17 March 15

Posted at 7:27

Picture this, it's early December, you're walking through the streets of Leeds getting your Christmas shopping in, in the distance you can hear a set of bagpipes, to then be met by an army of people following a bride & groom with smiles ear to ear. That's exactly what happened with Zoe & Lee, these guys are ace, everything about their weddding was well, ace! Look out for the portraits overlooking Leeds (you'd never know it was a car park!) and here are a few of our favourites too...




Mel & Chris' engagement shoot in Goole.

10 February 15

Posted at 9:07

We met Mel & Chris for their engagement shoot afew weeks ago in Goole. The weather was gorgeous and as we met quite late in the day we managed to capture the sunset from the orangey tones to the striking blue night sky later on. Mel & Chris got engaged on Bonfire night and so it seemed very apt to use sparklers in the photographs! We can't wait to shoot their wedding day and look forward to capturing the fireworks in the evening. Here are some of our favourites..



Catriona & Dafydd's wedding in Lancaster

05 February 15

Posted at 9:19

Being a wedding photographer takes us across the whole of the UK, and being able to visit Lancaster for Catriona & Dafydd's wedding let us see an area of the UK we've not been before. This can quite often be a good thing, local photographers may stage the same photographs on a weekly basis, whereas a photographer that hasn't seen a venue before, could shoot it in an entirely different way. Catriona & Dafydd were such a lovely couple to photograph, full of hapiness & smiles all round. The Ashton Memorial was a particular highlight, overlooking the entire of Landcaster & beyond, the interior was just as beautiful as the view too. We then headed down to The Storey in Lancaster City Centre, a beautiful arts centre, ready for these guys to put their stamp on. Check out a few of our favourites... 




Laura & Miles' wedding at The Dower House Hotel, Lincolnshire

18 January 15

Posted at 6:11

Tonight we bring you the wedding of Laura & Miles, a wonderful couple from London, who got married in rural Lincolnshire. With so many smiles & so much fun, we had a fantastic time photographing their big day. Oh and defintely check out the low fog portrait of them from the evening, we were beside ourselves when that appeared!  



Emma & Davids wedding at Carlton Towers, Yorkshire

13 January 15

Posted at 9:41

After shooting Emma & David's engagement shoot we knew these two were going to be awesome. Emma & David got married back in September at Carlton Towers, a lovely hidden venue of Yorkshire that we had never been to before, even though it is so close to our house! We loved the super hero theme to the wedding and even got our very own lego super hero each! Here are some of our favourites from the day. 





28 December 14

Posted at 10:00

What a year! It's completely flown by but we've thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did we buy our first house together, but we shot lots of lovely weddings, each one perfect in their own way. We’ve been completely blown away by the response & appreciation we’ve had from all of you wonderful people and especially so from our incredible brides & grooms. We’ve selected a few images from all of the weddings we have photographed this year a put them down below. Both Anii and I want to thank anyone who made 2014 such an amazing year for us, and who knows, it might not be too long until you see us getting married…




Stella & Robin at Prestwold Hall

04 December 14

Posted at 9:54

These guys are awesome, say hello to Stella & Robin, a super fun couple that just want to make you smile. Stella is actually from Kenya, and many of her family travelled over to be a part of their day. Check out their use of a bold yellow colour scheme as well as some cool photos with some horses.

We also worked along side Leanne aka  Blooming Lovely Films and she was a star!



Michelle & Karl at The Granary Barns, Newmarket

03 December 14

Posted at 8:50

We absolutely love photographing weddings, and one of the best things about it is when we're asked to travel around the country seeing wonderful areas we've never been to before. Michelle & Karl got married deep in horse racing country at The Granary Barns near Newmarket. Everything about the day felt perfect and you could clearly see how much they both adored each other, whilst also having a really fun time! Here are a selected few from their big day...